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At Your Command

Keeping up with the rapid revs is no small feet. That's why a digital tachometer was implemented in this race-ready gauge cluster. Readouts include performance data such as drive mode, gear position, G-force, lap times and torque distribution. Additionally, this in-dash display offers multimedia linkage so that you can view incoming calls, current song titles and more.

Three-Dimensional Agility

Putting added control into the hands of the driver, the GS F is the first Lexus sedan to feature a Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD). With three driver-selectable modes Standard, Slalom and Track the TVD responds in one-thousandth of a second to vary torque distribution according to cornering conditions. By sending more power to the outside rear tire, it helps propel the GS F around the turn for enhanced agility while also helping you to hold your line with ultimate precision.


All Power. No Mercy.


Balance is essential to all aspects of performance. From the low center of gravity to the way inertial force transitions through the slalom. It was this commitment to optimal balance that led to the 467-horsepower,1 5.0-liter V8 with innovative components and lightweight titanium valves with high-strength, forged connecting rods. And, making our most powerful V8 also our most stirring, it emits a throaty, specially tuned engine sound as it screams to its impressive 7,300-rpm redline.

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asphalt up

Once you experience the added exhilaration of the RC F Performance Package, there’s no going back. It features track-ready upgrades like a Torque Vectoring Differential and exclusive carbon fiber components fabricated at the same workshop used to develop those on the world-renowned LFA supercar. Offering distinctive style and the same structural rigidity as the standard steel components, the carbon fiber roof and active rear wing both help to reduce weight, lowering the RC F’s center of gravity for more responsive handling.


F Sport Vehicles

Dynamic handling and bold designs that leave an unmistakable impression.
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